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The EdTech Wiki brings together a global collection of examples and case studies of educational technology in practice.

Why a Wiki for Educational Technology?

So much of the published literature and grey literature on education technology is based on research from Europe and North America. Yet, there is a vast body of unpublished research and examples of good practice emerging from all industries and educational settings around the world which remain undocumented.

There is much to learn from the global education community if only these stories can be shared. The EdTech Wiki was created to capture these untold stories and exemplars of education, learning and training using technology, taking place globally, for everyone to benefit.

Contributing to EdTech Wiki

As with Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to this global body of evidence and add their own unique education technology implementations and perspectives.

We are also looking for editors, so if you can help with maintaining the growing body of evidence around education technology, then please contact us.

Who is behind EdTech Wiki?

The EdTech Wiki would not be possible without the generous contributions and knowledge from the education technology community, especially the people who were originally interviewed to populate entries on the Wiki and those that championed it. And, of course, to all the contributors who have generously given their time.

The EdTech Wiki was orginally designed and is maintained by Richard Price, an advisor on educational technology to the UK National Health Service and the World Health Organization.

The EdTech Wiki is strictly not-for-profit and does not contain adverts so that it can remain a free resource for anyone working in education globally.